Pieter Konink



  • How to Add Tags and Categories to Images in WordPress

    I’ve long found the WordPress media library something of an enigma. Of course I get the benefit of having an easy way to store and edit the images used on a site. But do they really need their own web pages?

  • Your Customer Focus Is Your Content Marketing Superpower

    Customer-focused content may be the most important part of your content marketing plan that you probably aren’t doing right. If you’re content isn’t creating real, emotional connections with your customers, then you know you aren’t doing it right. Now, that isn’t to say your content is not good. It may be pretty helpful, too. But […]

  • Customer Persona Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

    Creating a customer persona is an important part of any content marketing strategy. It isn’t enough to simply create a great product or offer a valuable service. You need to know who will benefit from choosing what you offer. Understanding your core audience is what gives you the ability to sell them your product or […]