I heard the news today, oh boy

Greetings Sir,

I am writing to let you know that we are pleased you have decided to begin the process of renewal. It is an exciting time, and one not without certain anxieties. I am proud that you have chosen us as your path forward.

In the spirit of honoring our agreement with you, I have attached three documents for your perusal. Please study these carefully, as they will have direct import on the manner of your renewal. It is not uncommon for our organization to be viewed with deep suspicion by those in your temporal context, and that is why we have attempted to make this process as transparent and worry-free as possible.

Document 1, entitled Welcome to Your ReNEWal, is a welcome packet composed by members of our staff psycho-physicists and para-pyschologists. It is the result of several peer-reviewed studies establishing the link between human consciousness and divergent timelines.

This document also includes (at no extra charge) a list which has been developed to awake and stimulate the link between this iteration of you and your infinite self. We have found that a strong connection to your infinite self promotes a smooth Renewal.

Document 2, entitled The Adventure of Self-Discovery. Dimensions of Consciousness and New Perspectives in Psychotherapy and Inner Exploration, is an important primer for what you will be experiencing in the coming years. It is meant to provide a foundation and starting point for the research you will inevitably carry out when the reality of your Renewal sinks in.

Document 3 is a compendium of example historical texts such as The Key of Solomon. It is provided entirely for the purpose of critical study in order to determine those resources which should be avoided. You have lived a life of disinformation, and the static will only grow worse as your Renewal evolves. While Renewal is inevitable, your free will allows you to shape its trajectory.

It will be important to follow the instructions included with Document 1, as renewal is a time of great uncertainty and danger. Even with the strides made with the advent of technological temporal displacement and enhanced meditation, Renewal remains a great inflection point in each our lives.

But don’t worry too much. The strides made have eased this process for hundreds of people just like you. One day we will offer a worry-free Renewal for millions, and your early testing of our program will help make that happen.

Thank you and good luck,

You, 23 years from now