Configure Your Web Server To Send Email

send emails from a web server

Whether you’re using a contact form with WordPress or operating your own e-commerce shopping cart, the ability to send emails from a web server is a critical component of running an online business. But due to headaches with spam filters and the need for tight security, it isn’t feasible for most online businesses to run their own email servers.

This is where email services like Fastmail or MailChimp come in. By sending emails through their trusted servers, you have far fewer headaches. Configuring access is nearly as easy as setting up an account in an email app.

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3 Reasons You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing plan helps you monitor your digital marketing efforts and ensures your time and money are well spent.

When you’re busy running your business, spending precious hours or dollars creating something like a content marketing strategy can seem pretty frivolous. There are a million other things you need to do now, and you’re already getting sales without a marketing plan – so why bother?

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