The 4 Pillars of SaaS Online Community Management

online community management

If you’re responsible for customer service or tech support for a business that provides software, you’re probably already familiar with the term community management. It’s the way you get to expand the reach of your customer support without expanding your budget, right?

Because of the dynamics of using community management for your customer service and tech support operations, software businesses with a large numbers of users that run lean can find an effective way to hunt bugs and improve the customer experience by offering an online community.

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3 Online Reputation Management Tips for Your Business

online reputation management

If you’ve ever read a review online or if you’ve searched Google for a product, then you can understand the importance of online reputation management for a business. And you’re not alone – 84 percent of people trust customer reviews online as much as a personal recommendation — 58 percent think a business’ star rating is most important.

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3 Tips for Giving Quality Social Media Customer Service

Social media customer support

Offering customer service over social media is often a great way to support your customers. However, you should make sure to take the time to do it right – otherwise it can do more damage than having no support at all.

Your customer service productivity will increase as you reach more customers at once on social media for common problems, so make sure to put more care into the customers you do respond to. Even if that means spending more time on them.

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