Digital Marketing Services

Hiring a digital marketing specialist can help boost your online sales, encourage customer loyalty and make your online business memorable.

A Story of Two Online Businesses

On a glorious summer day three years ago, two friends – let’s call them Bob and Clara – each opened an Etsy account to sell their art to the world. It took each of them a while to find an audience for their creations, but within a year each had a steady following of fans.

Recently, they met for lunch, and found they were both doing very well for themselves. Each had a thousands of followers and likes on social media. Each had a website that received hundreds of visitors every day, with spikes well into the thousands of visitors. Each had an email list with more than a hundred thousand subscribers.

However, when talk to turned to revenue, Bob was stunned by the amount Clara was pulling in each quarter. Bob said, “I’ve tried everything – Google PPC, Facebook ads, SEO… I didn’t think it was possible to get a better conversion rate than mine!”

What Made the Difference

Bob and Clara’s online businesses are very similar, and both have a similar number of people who are interested in the products they sell online. However, Clara converts a larger number of those people into paying customers. How does she do it?

The key difference between Bob and Clara is that Clara has a digital marketing strategy for her online business. Each tweet, blog post and Instagram snapshot is informed by a wider, unified plan for promoting her business and converting her admirers into customers.

Digital Marketing Increases Sales

Digital Marketing is a term for a range of marketing disciplines clustered around the channels they use to communicate to customers: email, search engines, social media and mobile apps. While knowing how to grow and use these channels is important, the clarity that arises from bringing them all together in coordination with your business goals is what separates the Claras from the Bobs.

Having a cohesive digital marketing strategy is more than just how you plan to advertise your product, it’s a comprehensive plan documenting your business goals and values, your market and your customers.

Although Clara executed a number of the tactics outlined in her digital marketing strategy that directly boosted sales, it was the clarity and direction that having a plan to refer to that gave her the edge to succeed. Bob executed some of those same tactics on his own, but because he didn’t have a plan or know how to measure performance, he had a hard time judging which were successful.

Being in business without a plan is a recipe for lackluster performance at best. Having a detailed, step-by-step digital marketing plan along with professional advice and support helped Clara stay on target to reach her goals. Meanwhile Bob was still posting pictures of his cat on his Facebook Business page.

I Help Businesses Grow

My name is Pieter Konink; I live in Portland, Oregon and I’m in the business of helping small businesses develop cohesive digital marketing plans to support their online business goals.

Whether your digital marketing plan needs to be aligned with your overall marketing plan or your online marketing plan is your overall marketing plan, I’ll work with you to research your customers and competitors and develop the strategies that will generate the sales or leads your online business needs to grow.

But I won’t merely plan your online marketing strategy – my network of freelancers and I are also able to implement your digital marketing strategies using out-of-the-box solutions like Digital Cloud, WordPress, Google Business and MailChimp. I use services that provide the best value, security and scalability for your online business.

I’d Like to Help You Too!

I’m interested in hearing about your business and what success means to you. You can find me at Upwork, the world’s largest freelancing site that connects businesses with great talent.