Your Customer Focus Is Your Content Marketing Superpower

A content strategy that focuses on delivering real value to customers can create powerful attachments to your business that last a whole life.

Customer-focused content may be the most important part of your content marketing plan that you probably aren’t doing right. If you’re content isn’t creating real, emotional connections with your customers, then you know you aren’t doing it right.

Now, that isn’t to say your content is not good. It may be pretty helpful, too. But producing blog posts that don’t sound like they were written by a computer that contain basically correct information isn’t exactly a high bar to set for your content strategy.

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Customer Persona Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

creating a customer persona

Creating a customer persona is an important part of any content marketing strategy. It isn’t enough to simply create a great product or offer a valuable service. You need to know who will benefit from choosing what you offer.

Understanding your core audience is what gives you the ability to sell them your product or service. It also allows you to touch their lives in ways that generate the bonds of trust. Really understanding your core audience is how you also generate a truly memorable experience for them.

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Tech Can Console the Lonely When Given Human Qualities

Can a robot posting to social media cure loneliness?
Is this little guy sabotaging your ability to overcome loneliness?

Confirming what fans of the 2013 movie Her already know, researchers have found that those who interact with life-like devices with complex artificial intelligence (AI) are less likely to seek out social interactions with other people. They wrote that designing products and automated services to be interactive and appear alive could be used to ease loneliness from social exclusion.

Whether a product is a social media network, humanoid robot or video game, if it is highly-interactive it may be soothing the effects of social exclusion in individuals.

However, they also warn that the spread of these anthropomorphic consumer products could also pose unknown risks to the social fabric of your community.

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