Blog Writing That’s Personalized and Professional

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Consistent, regular blog writing for your business website takes a great deal of skill and time.

Running a Business in 2017 Means Having a Website

Big or small, if you run a business these days then you need to have a website. Your website is your product catalog, newsletter and public relations outlet all in one. Chances are, your website is also the cornerstone of your online activity. Maybe your site is the business.

If you count on your website for your small business, then you want to do everything you can to make sure it’s successful, right? When 65 percent of businesses say generating site traffic and sales leads is their top marketing challenge, you know you have a lot of company.

Whether you use your website to gather leads or sell products, if you have an inbound marketing strategy then blogging is bound to play a big role. For the cost, its long-term returns are the bedrock that many web presences are built on.

But Why Would My Business Need a Blog?

According to HubSpot’s 2015 content marketing research, when compared to businesses that publish 0 to 4 blog posts per month, businesses that publish more than 16 blog posts per month:

  • Got almost 3.5 times more traffic.
  • Got 4.5 times more leads.

Those boosts translate to a serious advantage for your business. And digital marketers know that – 60 percent of them say generating blog content is their top priority. You can bet that blog content is boosting the sites of your competitors right now (or will be soon).

And it only makes sense. Not only does your blog keep search engines happy, it engages your customers and supports your social media marketing efforts. A well-written blog won’t just drive traffic to your site, it will drive respect for your business among your customers.

Wait – I Don’t Have Time to Write 16 Posts a Month!

Coming up with engaging content day after day isn’t always easy. Especially with the pickiness of search engine algorithms and fickle nature of readers. When you consider that top SEO agencies consider 2,500 words to be the optimal length for a blog post, that’s a lot of sweat!

Creating 40,000 words of blog content each week is hard. Writing, editing and publishing can take up a lot of your time. But what’s the alternative? Like any good entrepreneur, your response is hire a freelancer, of course!

Hiring blog writing freelancers is easy, but hiring a quality, professional freelancer at a rate you can afford may be as much a matter of luck as anything else.

Blog writing services are helpful for taking some of the guesswork out of hiring a freelance blog writer. But again, the iffy and generally-poor quality you’ll receive from a content mill may not reflect well on the image of your business.

Paying three dollars for that 2,500-word essay may sound like a good deal … until you actually read it and realize the work required to clean it up for publishing means you may as well have written it yourself.

Let Me Write Your Blog for You

I can help you generate a steady stream of high-quality, SEO-friendly blog posts for your online business. Not only am I a U.S. writer with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and I’ve written in both news and marketing environments. You can find out more about me on LInkedIn.

Regardless of the type of blog post you’re looking for, I can mimic your brand voice and plug directly into your current content marketing plan. I have written for a variety of industries, including:

  • healthcare and medical
  • software and technology
  • travel and entertainment
  • customer experience and marketing

Thanks to my background in journalism, I can take research on just about any subject and distill it into fun and readable chunks that will keep your website fresh and your customers delighted.

You can find me on Upwork!